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  • Full-Service

    The Totally Tommy Flex is a full-service express car wash design with an express wash tunnel and full second tunnel for interior detailing.

  • Minimize Staffing

    The Totally Tommy Flex uses a flight deck design to minimize staffing for greater efficiency and earning potential.

  • Franchise Centerpiece

    Enjoy unrestricted color and branding possibilities with no franchising fees as your car wash network grows.

Red Totally Tommy Flex Wash

A Showcase Design

The Totally Tommy Express Tunnel challenges the world of automatic car washing with new technology in a streamlined, fantastically eye-catching design. With the Totally Tommy Flex you get that same productivity, style, and ROI with an additional interior detailing service for maximum facility value.

Modern Car Wash Architecture

Primary Tower

The primary tower serves as both a hallmark feature of our design and also houses a critical innovation we call the flight deck. The tower is optimized as a control center for the entire facility with strategically designed doors and windows to promote easy operator access, visibility, and management.

  • Flight Deck Design

    Flight Deck

    The flight deck allows easy access to the most labor-intensive areas of the wash with doors that open directly to both the wash tunnel and entrance lane, so you can always reach the pay stations and customer loading area in moments. You will also find a full employee bathroom, manager's office, and owners' suite.

  • Car Wash Controller System

    Line Of Site

    Easy line of sight is an important but often overlooked element for properly managing and operating a car wash. The flight deck features an angled panoramic window for vision of the entire tunnel, and our glass-wall construction makes it easy for even a single operator to keep tabs on the entire facility.

  • Point of Sale

    Point Of Sale

    We use a hybrid point of sale system that makes both automatic tellers and a manned lane available. This lightens the load on staff who are still available to take payment, answer questions, and assist customers at the pay window or loading area.

  • Car Wash Owner's Office

    Owner's Suite

    A favorite feature for many, the owner's suite overlooks the wash tunnel from the second floor of the primary tower. You will find around 250 sq. ft of quiet office space that can be furnished to your preference. This is a separate space from the manager's office, located below, and provides a comfortable area for meetings or office work.

Car Wash Storage System

Secondary Tower

The secondary tower is built slightly smaller than the primary tower to differentiate all 4 sides of the building, but serves an equally important function as a storage center. Chemicals, parts, and supplies all have designated storage spaces and the tower includes a second level mezzanine area for seasonal marketing supplies and equipment.

  • Storage

    For easy service and supply the storage tower opens to both the wash bay (specifically the blower room) and the vacuum area on the exterior of the building.

  • Chemical Storage

    The bulk storage and chemical pod system contained in the secondary tower allows for excess soap and cleaner storage, so your wash can work longer between deliveries without the need to cut back on services.

  • Branding

    We have two separate styles for our express tunnel, including a Dealership design and a Neighborhood design, and both are available in red, blue, and neutral color schemes. The towers also offer superior fascia square footage for large custom signage and advertising.

Car Wash Canopy

Pay Station Canopy

The building comes standard with three pay lanes and a wide canopy system. We supply everything from the canopy itself to the lighting and menu signage underneath. These channel letter signs point out cashier, auto cashier, and unlimited club lanes, however all lanes can accept payment for all services, including memberships.

  • Cashier

    The cashier answers any customer questions and can assist in sales of prepaid washes or club programs. This lane includes an RFID reader for club member processing.

  • Auto Cashier

    The auto cashier terminal takes cash, credit, and barcoded vouchers, and is the perfect point of sale for on-the-fly club membership sales. The lane is also equipped with an RFID reader for club member admittance.

  • Unlimited Club

    The 3rd lane, marked for unlimited club members, includes a fully functional auto teller that can take cash or credit. This terminal can renew their memberships and keeps the line short for your members and frequent customers.

Clear Modern Car Wash Roofing

Acrylic Roof

Now, 13 years since our first clear roof installation, we've taken European technology and used it to transform the wash environment. What started as hypothetical experiment resulted in a clear wash bay in our Muskegon, MI location. After installing over 25 clear roofs with great results we decided it was time to standardize our system to reduce the cost of construction. By fixing the dimensions and fine-tuning our engineering we've brought acrylic roof costs down to compete with traditional roofing materials without sacrificing our signature look or performance.

  • An Efficient, Open Environment

    Tommy car washes are designed to offer a low-stress experience with lots of space, light, and color. Other car washes cannot compete with the comfort customers experience as they sail through a Totally Tommy Tunnel.

  • Natural Lighting

    Townships and cities love that our buildings are designed to be green and exploit natural lighting during daily light hours, reducing the facility's energy footprint and saving you money.

  • Less Maintenance Than Other Roofing

    Acrylic is sturdy and relatively inexpensive, and endures the test of time longer than concrete or metal roofing which can break down in the extreme humidity of a car wash.

  • Temperature and Ventilation Control

    The building incorporates an optional roof vent that opens down the center of the wash bay to release heat on hot days. An optional material called Heat Stop can also help keep the bay cool in direct sunlight without blocking natural light.

  • Canopies

    The building incorporates a 10' canopy over the entrance and 5' canopy over the exit to signal transitions as the customer enters and exits the wash process.

Vaulted Windows Along Wash Bay

Microbrew Look

Customers love their cars and hesitate to trust them to 'black hole' carwashes. We signal that our design is safe and well-engineered by opening up our tunnel car wash with full-length bay windows and large entrances. We call it the microbrewery effect and it gives you the chance to showcase your wash and stainless steel arches for every future customer who drives by.

  • Full Length Windows

    Our window design features high windows for a panoramic view in and out of the tunnel, relaxing claustrophobic customers during the wash and making oversight and facility management easier.

  • Seamless Windows make Cleaning Easy

    Our unique mullion design puts the bulk of the building's frame outside, leaving a low profile inner frame. This eliminates ledges for a seamless surface, so that your window cleaning can be finished in under 15 minutes.

  • Show Off Your Equipment

    With the Tommy Express Tunnel you will have one of the finest automatic car wash systems in the world, backed up by proprietary technology from the best car wash equipment manufacturers in the country-so show it off! Showcase your facility and let people look in to drive your results.

Full Length Carwash Windows

Vaulted Side Walls

Our vaulted side walls break the shoebox mold, giving you a unique style that supports your brand and separates you from the competition. Once your customers try a Totally Tommy Express Tunnel, other auto washes just don't compare!

  • Break the Mold

    Just because boxy automatic car washes are everywhere doesn't mean they are well-loved. Outclass and outcompete those mini car washes of the past with our signature system and style.

  • Simple and Functional

    Our designs may be unique, but that doesn't mean they're complicated or difficult to maintain. We've worked hard to use standard components wherever possible to reduce the complexity of our design and lower maintenance and upkeep costs.

  • A Bold Franchise Look

    Shoebox washes don't capture people's attention or respect. Our buildings are bright, colorful, and command attention, driving increases in your wash's capture rate and customer loyalty.

Automatic Car Wash Equipment

Dry Backroom

In every car wash there are electronics and other equipment that cannot handle the high-moisture content of the rest of the wash. Our dry backroom securely consolidates the electrical gear and equipment that can't get wet in one close, in-house location.

  • Car Wash Dry Backroom

    Main Floor

    The lower level of the dry backroom stores electrical services, pump station equipment, and the reverse osmosis unit as well as daily cleaning supplies and parts shelves.

  • Car Wash Systems


    The mezzanine level holds the reverse osmosis water tanks, air compressor, and optional hot water heater, all easily accessible via a low profile ladder and railing.

  • Car Wash Advertising

    Advertising and Branding

    The expansive surface area on the towers and dry backroom walls allow for larger branding and advertising space so that you don't need to rely solely on roadside signage to attract customers.

Car Wash Entrance and Exit Design

Entrance & Exit

The starburst pattern built into both the entrance and exit lend an iconic, showroom-shine effect to the car wash and its result. The circular theme carries throughout our Tommy Equipment and helps relieve any sense of customer claustrophobia during the wash.

  • Dual Conveyor For Tunnel Car Wash

    No Correlators Needed

    The Tommy Transporter is a tremendous improvement over old-fashioned roller systems. We never scratch a wheel or intimidate a customer by jolting them around as they line up. Loading is as simple and low-stress as pulling into an average-sized garage and shifting in neutral.

  • Carwash Loading Module

    Self Loading

    A Tommy facility saves operators an average of $62,000 per year thanks to automated loading. The process is so natural that customers quickly self-train and rarely require assistance, in large part thanks to our bright, all weather instruction screens.

  • Electronic Car Wash Loading Module

    On-Screen Assistance

    Self-loading systems require clear, responsive instruction in order to reduce error and guide the driver in to the tunnel safely and efficiently. Our entrance module provides clear and specific wording to do just that, focusing the customer's attention in one place as they load.

Tommy Car Wash Auto Detailing Center

Detail Center

When a customer wants a true deep cleaning for their vehicle, inside and out, they usually need to turn to expensive car care services or do it themselves. Our Flex design takes an already stunning, low-stress car wash experience and adds in an on-site detailing service, giving busy commuters and auto enthusiasts alike a new option when it comes to professional, high quality car cleaning. This detailing center can be built with one or more tunnels and conveyors to handle high customer volume or divide different levels of detailing service.

  • Conveyorized Detailing

    12 Ft. People Mover

    Our detailing center, placed on the rear wall of the Tommy Express Tunnel, utilizes a different type of conveyor for low stress loading and space efficiency. The full-width, easy-loading belt carries vehicles as well as staff during the detailing process and has adjustable speed settings.

  • Car Wash Waiting Area

    Waiting Area

    Customers are invited to put their car in position on the conveyor and exit the vehicle, walking around a brightly lit space separated from the detailing area by a low wall or railings. A separate climate controlled waiting room and bathrooms are also included.

  • Superflex Car Wash

    Organized for Function

    Our detailing tunnel has been carefully designed to make the detailing service go as quickly as possible without wasted motion or redundancy. Components are placed along the tunnel to be at-hand as the conveyor travels, leading to an efficient, production-line system.

  • Full Service Car Wash Tunnel

    Full Detailing Service

    Even a very small team of employees can completely and efficiently clean the interior of customer vehicles with shampoos, vacuums, polish, and conditioners, with all other detailing products and tools close at-hand during the process.

Flex Serve Car Wash Design

Cleaning Setup

Our Flex car wash is designed to make customer services and facility maintenance as simple, natural, and stress-free as possible. Our Express wash delivers a fantastic external clean complimented by the optional interior detailing service in the second, Flex, tunnel.

  • Vacuums

    Self-serve vacuum stations are usually included on the property in all Tommy designs. For the Flex, powerful hand vacuums with extending hoses are also spaced along the detailing tunnel, close at hand when the customers arrive.

  • Window & Interior Cleaning

    Tommy offers a number of high-quality, specially formulated cleaners and chemicals for use in your detailing services. Chemicals, supplies, trash, and tools have all been given planned storage space in the detailing tunnel.

  • Menu Packages

    Our divided tunnel design allows facilities to offer a number of different service levels, including all regular wash services and a number of interior service packages. Stacking customers on the conveyor is easy and the belt can be timed to accommodate different cleaning routines.

  • Employee Respnsibilities

    Because the Flex is a high efficiency detail service with estimated service times of 15-20 minutes, we recommend offering a limited menu of select services in order to streamline your detailing process and prevent bottlenecks.

Site Layout

Site layout is a breeze with a Tommy Car Wash! We have 8 distinct layout options to suit different lots with respect to orientation and flow of traffic, so your wash looks good and functions smoothly whether you are on a busy corner or mid-block lot. Tommy Car Wash Systems can also provide a full 3D model of the facility as it will appear on your particular site for you to share with investors and contractors as part of the construction and planning process

Quality Car Wash, Holland MI

Site Layouts

Every car wash site is different and changing designs to fit different roads, highways, intersections, and lot orientations can make car wash design costly and time consuming. But not with Tommy Car Wash Systems! We've spent time planning out the optimal drive and building layout for every common street and corner placement and we've made sure that our design looks fantastic and welcoming from every angle.

Xpress Car Wash, Shreveport LA

An All-Sides Design

If we wanted our design to go worldwide, in all kinds of lots, climates, colors, and cultures, we needed a design that would look good from every side. With the Totally Tommy site lineup we have designs that look great just about everywhere, no matter which direction the customer is coming in from.

  • Car Wash Main Tower

    Good Side

    Customers often see this angle, which we call "the good side," as they enter from a secondary service drive in the back of the wash, or if the facility is built with frontage along a highway.

  • Car Wash Entrance Design

    Other Good Side

    This side we refer to as "the other good side". Customers view it from the road at certain intersection layouts or along highways where an entrance is again located along a service drive.

  • Car Wash Storage Tower

    Really Good Side

    Customers approaching the facility from a standard direct entrance will see this dramatic view of the wash exit, with special attention drawn to the storage tower above.

  • Car Wash Exit Design

    Best Side

    This is the view of any customer on approach to the point of sale area. The towers stand at different heights with different footprints, creating a unique and stunning visual field across all four corners and helping direct visitors to the pay lanes located below the highest architectural point.

Loading and Point of Sale For Car Wash

Point of Sale Visibility

A great car wash needs a highly visible, intuitive point of sale and loading area that customers can approach without confusion or hesitation, and our Express Car Wash designs make it happen.

  • Carwash Paylanes

    Visible Pay Lanes

    Our standard three-lane setup divides traffic to keep customers moving and the points of sale are well-marked by signage, the main tower, and custom canopies.

  • Car Wash Loading Turn

    Customer Stacking

    The loading turn naturally buffers customers after the payment process, comfortably spacing vehicles as they enter the conveyor during peak hours, no supervision needed.

  • Construction Plans For Car Wash

    Entrance & Exit Slopes

    The D.I.D.O. or Down In, Down Out principle developed by Tommy incorporates precisely graded slopes to ease motorists into position during car wash loading and unloading.

  • Entrance & Exit Signage

    Left In, Right Out

    Consumers are used to drive-throughs that feature left hand turns, so we centered our design between a comfortable right side entrance lane and left side vacuum area.

High Performance Car Wash Site Plan

Curb Appeal

There is an extreme WOW factor that comes with our tunnel's look and scale, and that wow factor translates into a significantly improved capture rate and better ROI.

  • Elevation

    We believe that it is always best to build at least (and not more than) 12 inches higher than street level to elevate the property's visibility and improve drainage during heavy rains.

  • Flow of Traffic

    Traffic flows smoothly in the right and out the left, just as with all major fast food restaurants, banks, and other drive-up services. This simplifies navigation for your customers and prevents bottlenecks.

  • Berms & Beams

    We create berms in the landscape to lend a sense of height and depth to the facility, resulting in a warmer and more complex feel for customers navigating through their wash.

Tommy Flex Serve Tower


Our services cover land development, operations training, maintenance, marketing, and human resources management. We want our partners and clients to be successful and will closely partner with you throughout the investment and development process.

Here are a few things to expect:

  • Est. Cost (Excluding Land)

    $3 - $5 Million

  • Tunnel Length

    130 ft

  • Detail Personnel


  • Cars Per Hour

    140 / 1 Car Per Belt Foot.
    Detailing CPH Depends on Staff.

  • How Long Before Growth

    1-3 Years

  • Weather and Location

    Car Counts Fluctuate with Seasons and Weather

  • Construction Time

    6 - 9 months

  • Approx. Building Dimensions

    120' x 130' x 60'

  • Detail Tunnel Length

    70 - 120 ft

  • Number of Operations Personnel

    1 - 2 Minimum

  • Interior Clean Time

    ~15 min

  • Stainless Steel Lifespan

    30+ Years

  • Detergent Supply

    Order HERE

  • Vacuum Stations

    Order HERE