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Leading the Way in Car Wash Design

Tommy Car Wash Systems is your premiere global source for car wash equipment and facility packages.

  • Buildings

    Build a first-class car wash operation and take advantage of patented, proven Totally Tommy building designs to attract more customers.

  • Expertise

    Over 45 years, we've seen it all and consolidated the best of the best systems and processes to create outstanding car washes.

  • Manufacturing

    With over 40 years of manufacturing expertise, Tommy Car Wash Systems inventories a full line of world-class stainless steel equipment.

  • Equipment

    Stainless steel round arches balance function, durability, and aesthetic appeal, setting your wash apart from the competition.

  • Installation

    Traditional installation programs are expensive and time consuming. Our install team travels full-time, developing sites more quickly and efficiently.

Quality Car Wash, Holland MI

The Totally Tommy Plan

Easy From Start to Finish! Our team works with you, developing your wash as if it was our own and together reproducing our proven, successful wash model.

  • 1

    Site Model

    Consider our 4 innovative options: Express, Flex, Gas, and Mini. We build all Totally Tommy washes to be virtually identical in services, menu, and equipment to keep things simple.

  • 2

    Site & Equipment Package

    Choose your site. We'll send you a 3D model of the location with the finished car wash as part of our standard approval process.

  • 3

    Finalize Model Details

    Customize site colors and branding to your liking. Select from our "Modern Theme" or "Neighborhood Theme" styles with Red, Blue, and Neutral colors available.

  • 4


    We'll take care of the construction or you can use your own general contractor. All architectural plans are included with the facility and adjusted to comply with local codes.

  • 5

    Start Up & Coaching

    We provide up to one month of training at our headquarters as well as one week onsite training for qualified franchisee’s so you hit the ground running.

  • 6

    Shop Tommy

    Our online store offers easy, one-stop shopping for detergents and consumable products once your wash is in full operation. Available over the web and via our app.

Tommy Site Models

Four Beautiful Site Models for Your Unique Needs

Different site models are better fits for different locations and personal goals. If you have a higher traffic count we may suggest an Express tunnel wash. If you are considering developing a destination site with larger investment, maybe a Flex or multi-profit Gas/C-Store/Wash model. For the smaller appetite or smaller site, we also have the Mini.

  • Green

    Energy efficient wash equipment, LED lighting, and clear roof design for natural sunlight.

  • Open Concept

    Wide open wash bay with clear lines of sight for better control and management.

  • Perfect Layout

    Easy entrances, natural stacking, and a left-in / right-out traffic loading pattern.

  • Iconic Design

    A welcoming design with record-setting capture rates that generates impressive customer loyalty.

  • Express

    A free-standing car wash tunnel with record breaking power and processing ability, the Totally Tommy Express serves as the ultimate car wash platform.

  • Flex

    A modern take on efficient car wash detailing, the Flex takes the Express design and adds a secondary conveyorized tunnel for compact interior detailing services.

  • Gas

    The absolute best combination Gas Station, Express Car Wash, and High-End Convenience Store on the market, complete with a coffee or restaurant franchise.

  • Mini

    A condensed version of the Express, the Mini is a fully conveyorized tunnel that looks great and packs the same incredible processing power on a much smaller lot.

Tommy Equipment

The Stainless Advantage

We rely exclusively on stainless steel equipment for its rugged strength, high resale value, longevity, and great look. Our stainless steel arches and other equipment perform above and beyond other, lower grade options.

Car Wash Equipment Manufacturers


We consolidated the best cleaning components into functional modules, saving you thousands of dollars with integrated reverse rotation side brushes, circulating mitters, rocker brushers, and wrap brushes all grouped in one.

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Tommy Car Wash Products

POD System

The POD system is the biggest transformation to hit the car wash industry in nearly 20 years. We've brought the back room and wash bay together, delivering better line of sight operations, consolidating space, simplifying installation with pre-wiring and pre-plumbing, and opening up the wash to create our signature micro-brew look.

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Tommy Transporter Dual Conveyor Belt

Dual Belt

The Tommy Transporter Dual Belt Conveyor moves cars smoothly through the wash with no guide rails, reducing the risk of vehicle damage and equipment breakdown. The flush floor also makes maintenance and vehicle loading far simpler, saving tens of thousands in productivity annually.

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Car Wash Pumps and Storage


Our dry backroom is a vast improvement over the typical ugly eyesore behind most carwashes. Because the backroom is contained in the attractive secondary tower we can rotate the facility in all directions and still capture interested customers. Every piece of equipment, from the service panel to the trash can, has a logical place set aside for it and the room is designed to save anywhere from $20,000 - $30,000 in installation costs with reduced plumbing and wiring distances.

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Tommy Dual Vacuum

The modular self-serve vacuum system incorporates two hoses, one for each side of the vehicle. Vacuum stations are available with either single onboard canister producers or central vacuum producers. Both options provide excellent suction and the unique dual hose design makes cleaning and customer experience better than ever!

Car Wash Self-Serve Vacuums

The Perfect Vacuum Station

Tommy Car Wash Vacuum Module

Shade the customer and stand out from other washes


Draw attention to the vacuums with this customizable LED light

Swivel Cuffs

Keep those hoses untangled

Dual Hoses

More than enough power to clean the toughest mess with two hoses at a time

Tommy Ball

Use as trash can and vacuum cuff holder

Vacuum Nozzle

Easy handling and storage

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